Sharnamli Mehra Adhar

Co-Founder & Creative Director

" The harder you work, the luckier you get "
When she's not planning the next Pink Post Inc, she's playing mommy to her young boys, dreaming of exotic holidays to her favourite destinations or simply enjoying some netflix and chill!

Mitali Wadhwa
Co-Founder & Creative Director

" Turning a Vision into Reality "

When she's not working on taking The Pink Post Inc to newer markets, she's designing clothes, watching good TV shows, or playing with her dogs.


The Pink Post Inc is the brainchild of Sharnamli Mehra Adhar & Mitali Wadhwa, both with experienced backgrounds in the fashion and luxury market in India. After completing their Masters degrees from UK, and working in the fashion space in India, they decided to put their experience and knowledge to use by creating a niche and luxurious shopping platform for designers and buyers to come together.

Today, The Pink Post Inc has become a brand synonymous with novel experience based events, discovering young, fresh talent, and social media marketing in the field of fashion, luxury and lifestyle.